What is Freight Factoring?

Owning and managing any type of Freight Company isn’t easy. During most days, the owner can end up managing many different roles from owner, manager, accountant, marketing and even HR to name a few. Due to juggling so many things, it’s easy to let something slip through the cracks. That’s where freight factoring comes in. It’s a financial service that helps increase cash flow, allowing the owner able to handle other things in the business without letting something fall through.

Making money the easy way.

Freight factoring is when a trucking company sells the invoice for a load they’ve hauled in order to get cash immediately, instead of waiting however many days it’ll take for a broker to pay. Since this will speed up things for the hauler, the factoring company will take a percentage of the invoice as a fee, but factoring is one of the most common ways that trucking companies improve their cash flow. This happens often in new companies that are trying to replenish startup cost.

Does your cash even flow?

Cash flow is the main objective with Freight factoring.  Because of cash flow this keeps a trucking company in business. Freight factoring is about always having ready funds for fuel, payroll, repairs, and more. Factoring is an easy way to manage cash flow for your trucking company.

What are the benefits

Truck Driver Shortages Affecting Deliverables in United States

The U.S. is currently facing a trucker shortage. According to the American Trucking Associations, the U.S will be short 175,000 drivers by 2026. Due to the lack of drivers, goods are more expensive and orders become delayed. Due to the shortage, freight rates are climbing steadily due to more work than truckers can handle.

For many it may not seem like a big deal but the driver shortage affects the entire economy. More than 68% of freight and goods are moved on American highways. The shortage has increased driver pay due to higher demand, and that cost is passed on to the consumer through higher prices.

There are plenty of trucking jobs available and many Americans looking for employment as well as better pay so why do we have a truck driver shortage?


Below are a few factors that play into the reason we have a shortage currently with Truck drivers.

  • Age- Hiring younger workers has proved to be difficult for