A World without Trucking

Living luxuriously with everything we need, being able to buy any product at the local store makes us blind to the fact that we neglect many things around us.

The complexity of the process of how those items were delivered at your local store, or at your front door, and the number of people that make that delivery possible. All the people involved in the transportation process have a very important role, together with the trucks that are moving goods from point A to point B.

If trucking and hauling came to a halt, we would be widely affected within only a couple of days. If it lasted a while, many peoples jobs, homes, every days lives and health can be affected.   

Within two to three days, Many of our every day necessities would begin to disappear and run out.  There would be a food shortage within most communities. With a food shortage happening, this would lead to food hoarding and consumers panicking.   Most gas stations would begin to run out of fuel and many every day essentials like bottled water would be gone from all major retailers. Even people who rely on tap water need trucks and truckers. The chlorine used in water treatment plants come by truck. If these trucks didn’t deliver, Americans would have to boil their water. Another thing that would run out super fast that many may not think about, Atm machines would begin to run out of cash causing banks unable to process transactions.

If trucking came to a screeching halt, after a week, automobile travel would come to a slow end due to fuel being nonexistent.  Many hospitals also may begin to struggle due to not being able to obtain supplies and medications as well as oxygen for patients.

 Trucking widely affects all of us, if all trucks hauling from even the smallest like the garbage man to our large haulers, we would be affected almost instantly. Millions of pounds of trash are moved each year by trucks. Trucks also deliver fuel to waste processing facilities to run their equipment. Not only would we have huge piles of trash without trucks, but we would also have the health hazards that come with it.

As long as we keep trucks on the road, we keep America moving. We also keep people working, as the trucking industry employs over 800,000 people making good wages. Always remember to thank your truck drivers, as it can be a difficult job, but one of the most important!

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