Are Trucking Logs Mandatory?

Are trucking logs mandatory? We get this question a lot. Here’s the short answer. Yes. Keep reading further for the details on how we got here.

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance confirmed that it is fully enforcing a brand new regulation to its unpopular digital-logging-device (ELD) mandate on December 17. They are not using a “gentle enforcement” grace duration for truckers to adapt to the brand new rules.

The unique mandate came into impact two years ago. It was spearheaded with the aid of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which oversees all of America’s commercial drivers, inclusive of its 1.8 million lengthy-haul truckers. The corporation said long-haul truck drivers had to both use a digital logging device or an automatic onboard recording device beginning in December 2017 and gave truck drivers a 3-month grace duration to adapt to the rules.

Really Though, Are Trucking Logs Mandatory?

The CVSA, which tasked with enforcing FMCSA policies through roadside inspections, stated it would implement the state-of-the-art solution to the FMCSA’s mandate without any allowances made for drivers switching from the antique onboard recording tool to the digital logging tool.

Is it really much safer?

Already an unpopular rule, The ELD mandate is supposed to help enforce hours-of-carrier guidelines for truckers. This rule ensures truckers do not drive for more than eleven hours an afternoon, and that they work at most 14 hours an afternoon while they take regular breaks.

The new mandate has drawn the ire of truck drivers who claim that the order has slashed salaries and made their work very dangerous. Many truckers end up keeping irregular hours and driving throughout vastly different times throughout the day.

Our take on ELD

We advise our clients to take all the precautions and changes necessary to prevent themselves from running contrary to the law.

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