Minnie, Skeleton, and a Unicorn

From Spooky to Kooky: The Sunbelt Finance Team Owns The Night of Fright!

Americans spend more than 3 billion dollars on Halloween costumes. And in the last decade, this number has increased in the NRF. In 2018, almost half of the Halloween adults plan to dress.

That is why employees want to dress up at work more and more for Halloween. Here are four positive things from the workplace:

Create Morale

Most of us do something in our working day to mitigate boredom. It can increase morale by allowing staff to dress for Halloween.

Client satisfaction

Boost client connections and boost sales by enabling employees to dress up for Halloween: costumes in the workforce humanize the company.

Growing Sales

A clever costume may be an ice breaker to start a retail sales dialog.

It could be a competitive differentiator where enjoyable innovation is highly valued. Combine costumes with other promotional ads for Halloween and you’ve got something different from your competition.

For Carriers

For carriers and freight brokers sometimes it takes a little push in the right direction to create a relationship. The inner geek or horror movie aficionado in a potential client or broker could be the catalyst that enables smooth relations and sales opportunities down the road for any operator. 

From Spooky to Kooky: Truckers Deliver The Tricks, Treats, and Costumes

Of the $3 Billion in costumes purchased and worn last year, 100% of them were delivered by truck. That’s impressive! Read more here to find out what truckers do to put some spooky creepy fun into Halloween

We’re not that scary!

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