Trucker Time Off

How do truckers get the most time off?

With the evergrowing demand for truckers and goods to be hauled, how do truckers get the most time off?

Is it a bonus or is it expected?

Your friend tells you they missed their haul from Iowa to Cleveland, but they got their $10,000 bonus to live on. Is that a good reward or low productivity?

U.S. businesses that cannot survive without employee productivity should not dangle a $10,000 bonus over an employee’s head. Keep in mind that there is an unlimited number of better ways to impress a driver and his or her family — but still advance your business goals.

What drives production, efficiency, and productivity are less elaborate than many imagine. It’s just the simple truth that employees who feel secure in their jobs and present and perform at their best are also the ones who bring the most productivity to your organization.

It’s the small thinking that is the foundation of productivity — and that deserves a spotlight.

Build a better trucker.

If you’re intent on getting more from your truck drivers, it’s much better to make small moves to encourage and reward your employees than to embarrass them with flashy products and absurd bonuses.

The truth is the truck driver is your most valuable asset. They provide a phenomenal power to improve profits and wages and help you win a new customer every day, no matter how big a gamble you make by having him or her drive across the country (a good thing).

Pure research shows that sales in truck stops increase with distances traveled (and with the miles driven on a trip). There is a correlation between real wages and productivity — and that’s why paying employees a fair living wage and buying them healthcare and retirement benefits are workplace win-wins. It helps your bottom line, provides a sustainable model for your workforce, and allows truck drivers the freedom to drive, and keeps them healthy.

Small things like decent rest and bathroom facilities and plenty of opportunities to get in and out of trucks are often many times more important to drivers than fancy high-tech toys. Ranging from the ratings of rest facilities to bathroom facilities truck drivers can drive from truck stop to truck stop and find a rest or bathroom facility that meets their needs without cluttering their truck.

Build a better fleet.

It’s easier for truckers to be productive and productive about what they can spend their precious time and dollars on — and better to make it simple — than to accumulate flashiest pieces of technology and distract your truck driver from the task of delivering goods to customers.

Focus on job tasks and task priorities for your truck drivers — and make sure they can afford nutritious food, a home-cooked meal, a decent bed, and a safe bathroom to visit.

It’s no surprise that the highest truck driver turnover rate in the U.S. is in terrible, sleepy truck stops, not in other parts of America, or from other truck stops. Taking better care of your drivers with small but somewhat frequent perks and time off throughout the year has a better return for you both.

If you’re still feeling terrific about a bonus at end of the year, go ahead and give it. Just don’t get caught in the rut of promising a high reward every year only to allow your drivers to burn out from fatigue or other stressful factors along the way. If you’re looking for a solution to reward your truckers for their dedication and diligence, don’t hesitate to contact us for ideas on how to put up the cash flow required to do so.

How do truckers get the most time off?

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