Thank A Trucker

Thank A Trucker: Away From Family So You Can Enjoy Yours

Thank A Trucker is a series of articles focusing on the hardships, successes, and celebration of the American trucker. Sunbelt Finance, LLC proudly supports our clients and thank each and every trucker who take one for the team during the holidays.

Thank A Trucker: An Observance

Growing up in the Mississippi River delta of Northeast Arkansas, I, like many others, take waterfowl hunting for granted. I’ve never gone out of state and from family for the sake of my love of waterfowling. I spend many thanksgivings with family and friends, but on some occasions, I have friends from out of town that stay for the opening week of Duck season. They travel at least eight hours away from their families to hunt with my family and friends and often miss their festivities. I take it upon myself to make them feel welcome and have done so for over a decade.

I realize that they are coming here to do something leisurely, but the thought of their travels had me wondering what it is like for truckers who are working away from home throughout the holidays. What’s life like for them to be away from their families while providing everything I need to be with my own? Looking back at the Thanksgiving experiences of these years, I can honestly say I have been grateful every year for the sacrifice that truckers make for all of us.

Giving Thanks in Northeast Arkansas

Thanksgiving, as you know, is a day when our family and we enjoy the fact that we have food on the table. Some family members eat a lot; some eat a little bit. As a host, I enjoy allowing our family to celebrate with our friends and extended family.

With this year’s participation, we are expecting a number of our participants will also buy dinner for people they know in their communities. There are several community service projects in our state where people and companies volunteer their time for those in need. One of those events is the “Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas Canned Food Drive” initiative. Each year our community holds a canned food drive, and members of the community donate canned and non-perishable foodstuffs to the Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas. The program brings volunteer people together to make sure everyone in your community is provided dinner on Thanksgiving. Our participants will be purchasing dinner for friends and family in need that they will have the opportunity to help distribute on Thanksgiving Day.

Truckers Up The Ante

Several truckers have taken the initiative and bring in their canned foods to deliver to the food bank. It’s quite a spectacle. And as things usually go with fundraisers in Jonesboro, AR, we’re always trying to outdo last year’s totals. So today, I am thankful for the truckers that keep the shelves full at our local grocers.

For those of us who aren’t truckers, it might come as a surprise to know that they love their work and would do it all over again. With challenging highway commutes, canceled routes, breakdowns, and accidents, our gratitude couldn’t be more appreciated.

Know Truckers, Know Life. No Truckers, No Life.

Trucking is life, and there’s no putting a lock on one’s heart. If you were to grow up in a truck and learn to drive, you’d know how difficult it could be. Regardless of background, schooling, or drive, truckers find that they are different from the rest of the world, and that makes them relatable. The second you become a trucker, you feel special.

One of the challenges of trucking is the odd scheduling nature of the job. Getting to work is often a long commute and can be especially challenging for those with families. Trucking is still the backbone of the American economy, and if they don’t work, there isn’t a place for our families to go for Thanksgiving.

Thank A Trucker

Merely saying thanks doesn’t require you to make a commitment or be tied down by a cause. Each time you pay a gas station attendant, you are showing gratitude by spreading our message of quality service across the country. Credit card companies give you a service fee, but it’s a small cost for your fellow Americans giving you the gas you need. Trucking companies across the country do the same, and we, as customers, are proud to be part of this system.

On behalf of all Americans, thank you for your dedication to delivering the goods on which our nation depends. Trucking is life, and we’re proud to be a part of it. Truckers leave home so you can enjoy your vacations.

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