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What Are Factoring Companies?

What are factoring companies? You may have heard about factoring, but may ask, “What is a factoring company?” Honestly, what are they doing? “Are there various types?”

What are factoring companies, and where can I find a good one?

A factoring company is a business that buys the invoices of another company. In principle, a factoring company offers factoring services to companies of various sizes of account factoring (or accounting factoring).

One crucial point to understand in a factoring business is that businesses do not borrow any money from a factor. There are many choices when looking for a factoring company to use. With typically very competitive rates, it is crucial to find a factoring company with a personal touch. Sunbelt Finance has a small staff of dedicated account managers that know their clients and speak on a first-name basis every day. Our approach makes it possible for businesses large and small to thrive because we care.

How Factoring Works: A business trades money for an invoice

A factoring enterprise, or even a factoring debenture company, is a third-party financial institution that offers cash to companies in return for ownership of outstanding invoices.

Factoring companies specialize in financing invoices from businesses that have problems with cash flow due to slow-paying customers. The factor holds the invoice and gets a small profit when your customer pays the invoice.

Why a small company should accept factoring from a factor

Because many reputable businesses are attracted to invoice factoring because they’re keeping their working capital on hand, the payments cycle gets reduced dramatically, saving on interest payments. With invoice factoring, I can be done the work in as little as a few months. The banks, though, are happy to accept chargebacks from customers who don’t pay.)

An invoice factoring company acts as a company agent because it’s collecting your debts for you.

Are there various types of factoring companies?

Yes, there are many in many industries. Sunbelt Finance focuses on freight and carrier factoring, but other industries can utilize factoring.

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